We offer very competitive rates for both commercial and residential clients for any and all window cleaning types, depending on which an extra time and labor is required in order to complete the job and achieve spotless results.

The cost will also vary depending on what type of service and a cleaning method is required: is it a regular wash with soap and water? post-construction cleaning? hard water stain removal which is also known as “acid cleaning”? or is it glass restoration services?

Here are a few other examples of special window washing services:

  • First time cleaning of windows that haven’t been washed for more than 3 years;
  • Post construction window washing which involves removal of glue, paint, cement or other build up on windows;
  • Special, custom-made, multi-pane and uncommonly oversized windows.
Please note, there is a minimum service charge of $120, plus tax, where applicable.

Sample of different window types

Single Hung Windows – $15

Double Hung / Tilt-in Windows – $15

Casement Windows – $15

Double Casement Windows (2 x $15) – $30

Sliding Windows (2 x $15) – $30

Special Shape Windows – $20

Hopper Windows – $20

Awning Windows – $20

Double Hung Base and Bows (2 x $15), plus $20 per fixed panel – $50

Set of Windows – $15 per each medium, $20 per large and $10 per small – $75

Screens – $10

French Windows (12 panes) – $30

Multiple Pane Windows – $30 per initial 12 panes, $3 per each additional pane – $42

Special Shape, Multiple Pane Windows (ladder job) – $35

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